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Our Services

Routine Exams and Cleanings

The dentist and hygienist will educate patients about their current oral health status, will detect any current issues and discuss how to best prevent futures ones from occurring. 


Fillings, Crowns and Veneers 

Treatments to repair and/or strengthen teeth that have been compromised by decay, wear, chips or fractures.


Implants, Bridges and Dentures
We will discuss which method to replace missing teeth is best for you. Meet our in-house denturist, Ayad Yousif and in-house surgeon, Dr Herman Comlekci

Emergency Care

Dr Falcomer will address your issue and help get you out of pain on the same day you call. In some cases, a follow up appointment is needed for more definitive treatment.


Root Canals and Extractions 
Treatment options for infected teeth. We offer "laughing gas" or an anti-anxiety medications, however a referral is required for complex cases or for patients who want to be "knocked out."


Nightguards and Sportsguards
These custom made appliances help protect the mouth from grinding, clenching and sports related injuries. They also help prevent concussions from contact sports.


Our SpaDent system will whiten your teeth in 20 mins painlessly, EVEN IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE TEETH! We also offer custom trays and touch up kits if you prefer to whiten at home.

Geriatric Dentistry

We can help with issues like dry mouth, root decay, denture repairs and adjustment, and difficulty brushing and flossing.

Anesthetic Reversal 

Oraverse is a medication that is used to reverse the numb feeling from freezing. Best option for kids (who due to desensitization tend to bite their lips/tongue after procedures), for those who need to talk for work/meetings etc and for those who just plain hate the feeling of being numb.


If interested please let us know at the beginning of the appointment so the dentist can administer it at the appropriate time.


Straighten your teeth with removable, clear trays. Most cases are completed in 1.5 years. Consult FREE with the dentist to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign.


Soft Tissue Laser 
Many procedures which required a scalpel can use the laser instead. This means less pain, bleeding, swelling and no stitches!


Gum Grafting
We can use material from a tissue bank instead of taking a piece off your palate, thus patients (who have experienced the procedure both ways) have reported markedly less pain and swelling.


The donor tissue has all the cells removed so once it heals it is genetically yours.


This material has been used for decades in the medical community and is very safe.

Cold Sore Therapy

Our laser can stop a cold sore outbreak, best if treated when you first feel that 'tingling', and will shorten outbreaks that are already visible.

Root Canals
Routine Exams
Anesthetic Reversal
Gum Grafting
Emergency Care
Night Guards
Soft Tissue Laser
Geriatric Dentistry
Cold Sore Therapy
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